EV5016 shuts off after over-current


I’ve ordered a couple of evaluation board with the MP5016 (EV5016-QH-00A).
I have placed a resistor of 535ohms on the R1 position (Ilimit) setting the current limit to 3.97A.
Connected our old DP6060A programmable load to the output, but the load is quite slow and has a very large input capacitance I think. It seems to disables the board upon connecting, so I connected a resistiveload (see image below). At first I only had the 2.47ohm resistor in series with the switch, but every time I connected the switch the device shuts down and only enables after toggling the enable pin. I read something about a sleep mode that disables the current sense (and limiter) when the load is below 0.38A. So I included the additional 5ohms to inclease steady state load current to about 1.5A.

But still the MP5016 shuts off the output and it only comes back up once I toggle the enable pin. I haven’t altered the evaluation kit besides the added resistor R1. As far as I know the device should have auto retry after 700ms.

Am I missing something?

Daan Pendavingh

Hello Daan,
I don’t think you’re missing anything, the device does shut off to protect the source and or load. To see what is happening we would need to know your input voltage and source current limit. Possibly the source is limiting. The MP5016 itself would reset within 700ms as you noted, and on powerup will limit to charge up a cap (actually a main purpose of the device). The active load you mentioned is versatile and can be set for a wide range of load current and transient values. You can set it to a low value and gradually increase it to verify the max current limit setting and the subsequent retries. Also can be set to variable resistive load. If there is still a problem then you can look to your source.

Hi James,
I’m using a TTi EX355P (35V, 5A) set to 12V, 5A. directly connected to the evaluation board.
I replaced the module that I modified with a brand new one. And it shows the same behavior:

CH1: Vin
CH2: Vout
CH4: Iload

I’ve only connected the switch (in the load) for less then 500ms, so it should restart after 700ms, but it doesn’t:

I’ve also checked this behavior with an other power supply but the result remains the same.
And I haven’t changed the evaluation module in any way.

I’ve checked the marking on the IC, it is “JE 98”. Which is not the MP5016 (that should have EK xx), although the silk on the board says “MP5016-L demoboard” and “EV5016-L-QH-00A”.
Is there a chance that I got boards with wrong IC’s on it?

I replaced 2 IC’s with actual MP5016s and now they both have retry.

Oh wait, now i see it. Somehow I had requested EV5016-QH-00A boards but got the EV5016-L-QH-00A…
Let me check if we ordered the wrong boards of that I received the wrong boards.

Ok sorry, apparently this was a mistake on our side. Sorry for the inconvenience.