EV3305DD-00A and value of C5 for 8 white leds

I have purchased the EV3305DD-00A based on the MP3305. I am using the evaluation board which says it is optimized to drive 3 white leds in series, 10 in parallel. The value of C5 is 2.2uf, 25V.

However, I am using this eval board to drive 8 white leds in series only with a maximum total forward voltage of 25.6V. Based on application circuits shown in the MP3305 data sheet it looks like I should change the value of C5 to 330nF, 50V. Can you confirm? Or provide another value? And changing R5 to 330K for OVP?

Please let me know of any other recommended changes as well.

Hello bmm4,

Yes, you should replace C5 with a cap value close 330nF 50V.
The equation above will help you design your feedback resistor values. Where R2=R5 and R3=R6.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran