Does MP2672 have reverse polarity protection?

I read datasheet and could not found anything related to it. What would happen in case battery is reverse connected ? Would it damage chip?

Maybe not, because of the disconnect FET in series with the battery. Why don’t you use your multimeter and perform a “diode check” on the battery pin with respect to GND if it reads open you might be OK, if it reads as a diode it will likely blow up. Double check with a reversed battery.

Normally if the designer has gone to trouble to add a feature or a protection, it gets discussed, or even bragged about in the bullet points.

I do not have IC right now to check it. I am evaluating possible solution which can charge 2 lipo battery in serial from usb power input.

Hi sanjuchopracool,

As @jshannon suggests, this device does not have reverse battery protection. If it had the protection, it would be present in the “Featured” section of the datasheet. If you placed the battery into circuit wrong, you could potentially damage the battery and chip/circuit itself. I suggest you verify the battery has been placed correctly into the circuit before powering on.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
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