Difference between mp86909 and mp86905


I’m working on Tiger Lake Mother board. There is a power MOSFET MP86909 connected with MP2640A. I can’t find it’s datasheet anywhere. Instead, I found the datasheet of MP86905 which is also power MOSFET. The footprint and pin map is same but are those two power MOSFETs (MP86909 and MP86905) are same? Is it okay to use MP86905 with MP2940A?

Also, if there is any datasheet of MP86909 then do share it.

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Hello arehman.signatics.so,

Yes, you should be able to use the MP86909 with the MP2940A.
Please reach out to MPS NOW Remote Support for more information.

Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Thanks for reply,

One more question. Can I use MP86905 with the MP2940A?

Thanks for the response. Can you confirm if I can use MP86905 with MP2940A?

@vinh.tran thanks for the response. You are telling me to use MP86909 but I’m asking about MP86905. Please tell me if it’s okay to use MP86905 with MP2940A?