Default Value for MPM3695-25-0022

Dear Support member,
I am considering MPM3695-25-0022.
I have a question about default value for MPM3695-25-0022.

How to decide VOUT-SCALE-LOOP default value?
I understand default value of 0.67V.
but 01f4h convert decimal number is 500.

Please tell me how to decide register value.

Hello Ryota,
The value to convert from hex to decimal is actually 14Fh which gives 335d. This correlates back to the default VOUT_SCALE_LOOP value of 0.335.

The default shown in he register map table refers to the max value of Vref. the VOUT_SCALE_LOOP is a ratio of VFB/VOUT. Page 23 goes into more details about this and how to program the output voltage with this register.


Please note that the actual FB resistors should match the calculated values used.

Hello Cecilia
Thank you for answer.

I have a some question.

Register map is written of default VOUT_SCALE_LOOP value is 01f4h.
Is this value right?

For MPM3695-25-0022, is the Default Value of 37P or later set at the time of shipment?
Or is it the default value in the register map?

What should I set for [MFR_CTRL_VOUT(D1h)] in order to use an output voltage of 0.72V?
Regarding the register settings for Vo_RANGE, there is a description of [0,0], but what about other patterns?
For example [0,1][1,0][1,1]

Hi Ryota,
Please see my response below:

  1. Yes, the way they wrote is a little strange because the value is 14F hex.
  2. The default values are registered at our factory before shipment to distributors or customers.
  3. To change the Vout, you will actually change register 21h. I need to double check with our engineers with D1h register and how it affects Vout. I believe it is meant for the manufacturer so the setting was done at the factory with customer specs if there were any special request.

Hi Cecilia
Thank you for answer.

Solly to bother you again.

I have two question.

Is this Default Value(-0022) set at the time of shipment?

Q2 Please tell me about D1h register.
I want to know the setting value of Vo_RANGE.
I understand how to adjustable out put voltage.

MPM3695-10 data sheet written all bits patterns.

but MPM3695-25 date sheet written only [00] pattern and That is setting of Default set is (10).

Please tell me other VO_RANGE Description value of MPM3695-25.

Hi Ryota,

Please see my response below:

  1. Yes, the default Vout value will be 1.8V for the MPM3695-25-0022.
  2. If we open up the Virtual Bench Pro 3.0 GUI (found on our website) and check register 21h, we see that controls the Vref for the output voltage and it can be used with an internal or external FB divider. The register D1h can select the external divider or 1 of 3 different internal dividers to get from 0.5V to 5.376V but this is not described in the data sheet unfortunately. I will have to message our internal support to find this information for you.

Also, the Vout Scale Loop setting is purely for accurate telemetry measurement for Vout on the PMBus, so it should not affect the Vout setting.


From Virtual Bench Pro 3.0, MPM3695-25 shows the options better for register D1h:


Thank you for answer.

best regards.