DC to DC boost converter

i want to design dc to dc boost converter with following specifications.
vin- 12
vout-36V, 100mA.
application for LED lamp 3.5W
also i want to pass for EMI EMC as per CISPR22

i tried to get it but all devices have high switching freq which is not suitable for EMC pass.

so which part no will be more suitable for above specification…?

Lots of things operate at high frequencies and pass EMI. Your PC for instance is running well over 1GHZ and passes EMI. Care must be taken but the operating frequency as such doesn’t disqualify a part. The boost converter has a relatively smooth input current but a pulsating output current. The SW node will have a high frequency high voltage waveform so keep that area small. Have good local decoupling specially on the output and maybe add a ferrite bead in series with the output. Follow the layout recommendations for the part you use.

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Hi Tanvir,

Since you are posting under the Automotive Solutions category, are you looking for an AEC100 qualified part with the input being the battery (max 36V)? We run our automotive parts in extensive EMI/EMC testing and have our own facility built just for it to ensure we meet the CISPR standards.