DC DC Designer Support for MPM82504 and MPM3695-100

I am trying to run DC DC Designer to design a 100A POL for an FPGA application and plan on using either the MPM82504 or the MPM3695-100 but neither of these parts is listed in DC DC Designer. Is there a different tool that I should be using to design with these parts? Specifically I would like to run some step load simulations to tune the capacitors and feedback loop.

Hi Rob,
Thank you for utilizing the MPS technical forum.

We do have other design tools aside from DCDC Designer. You can utilize MPSmart to run your simulation. Here is the link to download the software : MPSmart | Design Tools | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems

We have example designs that you can readily load up and hopefully save time as well. The capture below can be found in the following folder directory.

Examples-84 > SIMPLIS > MPS > MPM3695-100


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