Current sense of EVM3695-25-RF-03B

Dear support member.

I’m using to EVM3695-25-RF-03B

I want to measure of out put current with I2C,
but this board shown over 5A in non load.

It should be shown 0A or a value close to 0A.

This problem appear to another current.
For example.
(1)Load current = 5A , I2C value is 12.375A
(2)Load current = 10A , I2C value is 21A

I was tested EVM3695-25-RF-02A(single phase). when I check the output current.
It shown out put current value is not bad accuracy.

MPM3695-25 used by multi phase, Is it possible to measure output current in I2C ?

best regards.

Could you give me an update on this problem ?

Hi Ryota,

Thank you for contacting MPS. It seems like the device is offset by your 5A reading from no load. Can you tell me a little about your testing set up? I’m curious if there is something wrong with the set up that is causing the device to read an incorrect current.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
Monolithic Power Systems | MPS Now

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for reply.

I’m using EVM3695-25-RF-03B with EVKT-USBI2C-02 (rev 5.0).
Input voltage is 12V.
It supplied by Stabilized for DC Power supply.
Vout is not connected.

GUI is Virtual Bench Pro 4.0.
I tried Virtual Bench Pro 3.0. But result was same value.

Those screen shot is register value.
I’m changed phase operation register.
Other register is default value.



Best regards.

Could you give me an update on this problem ?