Current of MPS isolated Current Sensor

I’d like to know what is the highest Current range for MPS isolated Current Sensor Devices?

Hi Pawel,
the highest current range is +/- 50A for the MPS isolated Current Sensor Devices in SOIC-8 package.
This MCS180x family covers +/-5A | +/-10A | +/-12.5A | +/-20A | +/-25A | +/-30A | +/-40A | +/-50A .

Mind that there are 3.3V and 5V parts to differ as well:
What supply voltage do You use?

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Thank for swift reply!

Are there evaluation boards available even for a 50A peak test case and 5V ?

Yes, they are built big to enable good heat sinking and still isolation. Big load connector screws to test setups.

Please check for MCS1802-50: see Evaluation Tools EVCS180

Please check for MCS1803-50: see Evaluation Tools EVCS180

Generic EVCS180x page incl. datasheet and order link:

(watch for the active part number when ordering…)

Active Part Numbers:

EVCS1802-S-50-00A or EVCS1803-S-50-00A for +/-50A range.

Available on MPS website as well as our distributors and partner.

hi Marko,
I have a one question about MP6539B.
The datasheet described that can drive three half-bridges with a
0.8A source and 1A sink current capability.
The mean is have 0.8A capability per half-bridge?
Or 0.8A is for totally 3 half-bridges?

Hello Rock Chen, the MP6539 device is capable of sourcing up to 0.8A typ. and sink up to 1A typ. when driving external MOSFET gates. These rating apply on a driver basing (i.e. for the high-side as well as for the low-side device). Depending on the gate charge requirements of our external transistors, care should be take to limit this current so as to control / slew the half-bridge properly. More detailed explanations can be found in MPS AN111 app note (see Hope this helps, Chris

I just want to make sure :

can drive three half-bridges with a
0.8A source and 1A sink current capability.
->the mean is MP6539 only have 0.8A driving capability for 3 phase?
->or for 1 phase have 0.8A driving capability?

The drive current capability applies on a driver basis (1-phase). Please do not forget that the total drive current needs to be supported by the integrated LDO. Should the total current exceed 5mA DC, we would advice to include the external bipolar transistor (see datasheet)

Thanks for your reply.
So if we used MP6539B.
Will don’t have LDO issue right?

MP6539B requires an external supply. VDD needs to be provided to the device.