Current of MPS isolated Current Sensor

I’d like to know what is the highest Current range for MPS isolated Current Sensor Devices?

Hi Pawel,
the highest current range is +/- 50A for the MPS isolated Current Sensor Devices in SOIC-8 package.
This MCS180x family covers +/-5A | +/-10A | +/-12.5A | +/-20A | +/-25A | +/-30A | +/-40A | +/-50A .

Mind that there are 3.3V and 5V parts to differ as well:
What supply voltage do You use?

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Are there evaluation boards available even for a 50A peak test case and 5V ?

Yes, they are built big to enable good heat sinking and still isolation. Big load connector screws to test setups.

Please check for MCS1802-50: see Evaluation Tools EVCS180

Please check for MCS1803-50: see Evaluation Tools EVCS180

Generic EVCS180x page incl. datasheet and order link:

(watch for the active part number when ordering…)

Active Part Numbers:

EVCS1802-S-50-00A or EVCS1803-S-50-00A for +/-50A range.

Available on MPS website as well as our distributors and partner.