Constant current constant voltage control using HR1211

I am creating PFC/LLC topology for 72V battery charger. For this I need to implement CC/CV. I am planning to use HR1211. How to control HR1211 for CC/CV? How to communicate HR1211 with Microcontroller?

We have some documentation that I forwarded it to you on your email address. Also, it is important to know whether the communication has to be done at power-on.
Let me know if you received the documentation.

Yash Shah

Hi Yash,
May I ask you to send the documentation how to control HR1211 for CC&CV to me also? Thanks

Hi poleonye,

Please refer to Offline 600W Battery Charger / PFC + LLC with HR1211. Attached document is the reference design article.

We also have an evaluation board for this circuit which is EVHR1211-Y-00B.

Could you please send the files to me too? Thanks