Configuration Tables for MPQ5031GRE-00XX


Where can I find the configuration tables for all the different MPQ5031GRE options? I see the configuration table for the MPQ5031GRE-0001 in the datasheet. Where can I find the rest?


Hi, Any update on this?

Is this on the wrong forum?

Hi @mark.nelson,

Sorry for the delayed response.

The suffix code “-xxxx” is generated with respect to specific needs from our customers.

If you want to create one please reach out to us at MPS NOW Technical Support - Contact and someone from the team will reach out within 24-36hrs.

Thank you.

Ok then why are there three different versions readily available from digikey?


What’s the difference between these three? That is my main question.

I want to use the correct version with this part: MP2491CGQB-Z


Hi @mark.nelson,

The difference in these parts are is the specific changes a customer needs according to their application. Please refer to the “-0001” for the default values.
If you realize that with your application you need certain changes in the config, you can contact us on link provided and we will work with you to get the required config files.

Thank you