Configuration OPT registers in MP2651

Hello, I have a question on how to program the OTP registers of the MP2651 chip. Occasionally, I am doing functional tests on the EV2651-VT demo board, but when programming the OTP register REG0Fh (Configuration register 1, about the current levels Ipre, Iterm, Itri) with values from 0xF244 (default) to 0xF444, after turning the board off-on and the register value again is 0xF244. My question is, the programming process is correct and if it is possible to program the OTP registers of the demo board or are they already programmed to these default values.
Another question, I bought the MP2651 modules for my own development, which requires specific values of voltage and current, can I program these values through the OTP registers?


About the previous post, I want to add that this process was done with a microcontroller based API. Now I have a question: where I can download the Monolithic software that supports the MP2651 module, as specified in the development kit datasheet EV2651-VT, since the tests I was doing were using the software VirtualBench Pro 3.0/4.0, as seen in the image below, but does not support the MP2651 module. How can I test it?

Thanks. Waiting for a reply

I have the same problem: on user’s guide for evaluation board, there is written that MP2651 evaluation software can be downloaded from website, but i can’t find anything about it.
How can we configure MP2651?

Hi - @stefano.marrazza @dgutierrez

Please contact the following email with your company emails, we will assist you in obtaining the GUI for the MP2651 device.