Comparison between MP18021 and MP18021A

I have compared datasheet of MP18021 vs MP18021A, I was able to see a small different about Reccomended Operation condition 9 to 16V instead of 9 to 18V, but no other thing.
Please, can you specify the different features of 2 devices.
Thanks and Best Regards

Go with the A if you can’t tell the difference. Imagine you are a semiconductor company, you design a new chip, you test it as best you can, different temperatures different operating conditions, different application circuits, everything looks good. The chip is released to production and good news a great seller!. Now some customer tries some combination of conditions and components that are reasonable, but sadly result in unsatisfactory behavior. Now what? Do you call Apple and tell them to cancel Christmas? No, no you don’t instead you release an “A” version. Well just some internet randos viewpoint. Nobody at MPS is going to tell you, “that chip sucks” but listen to them if they suggest the A version.

Hi jshannon,
waiting for a reply from MPS about A or not A, thanks for your comment, I smiled reading your words, and considering I work with electronics components since more of 30 years, I understand you very well!

Hello renato.maragno,

Please go with the -A device. The device with the -A are typically the update version. However, they will still be the same footprint and have the same functionality.

Vinh Tran