Choosing an MPS inductor

The MP2225 is a good fit for my requirement, 12V input, 3.3V out with 4A maximum load. What is a good way to choose an MPS inductor for this application?

MPS offers a DC/DC Designer Tool at the link below:

This design tool includes the MPS series of inductors. By clicking on the inductor symbol in the schematic, a pulldown menu will appear with all the available inductor options. Scroll down to the “MPL” prefix devices and select the desired inductance and saturation current values. For this application, the DC/DC Designer provides a value of 4.7uH after executing the design. If considering current ratings over 6-7A to cover peak currents, the MPL-AL5030-4R7 (saturation current of 8A) will work well for this case.