Check marking for MPQ8616GL-12-P ( SO#650883 )

Hi Tech,
PO: 029-HL317
QTY: 388
D/C: 1642M

Our customer received above parts with physical marking as below, not matched with datasheet shown two line .

line1 MPKC
Line2 8616
Line3 059
Line4 12

Could you help check and advise if physical marking correct? Why discrepancy between physical marking and datasheet?

Hi David,

We are looking into your question and will get back to you soon.

Hi, May I get update on this case? Thanks.

Hi Sunandhitha,
The customer keeps chasing us closely on this case, there is no update since last feedback on 12/7.
Could you help check and expedite it?

Hi David,

Apologies for the delayed response.
Please refer to below top marking of MPQ8616GL-12-P.

MP: MPS prefix
Y: Year code
W: Week code
8616: Part number
LLL: Lot number
12: Suffix

For instructions of Year and Week code, please refer to this link:
top_marking_format_decoding_rule.pdf (