Charger Tester - battery simulator

I am working on an end-of-line tester for a product that is built on the MP2639A. I am looking for a way to simulate the charge and charge-complete stages.

Any suggestions on how I may accomplish this task?

Hello, unfortunately we do not have a simulation model for the MP2639A ready at this time. The best way to do this would be to utilize the EVB and test with a battery that has the same type of thermistor to guarantee accurate results compared to the battery being charged by the device.

The way I have always don that is to use a power supply and a resistor to stand in for the battery.

The resistor is sized to be able to accept the maximum current you plan to test your charger at the minimum voltage you plan to charge it.

So say you wanted to test that your DUT could charge a 3V battery at 3A you would chose a resistor of 3 ohms or less.

The power supply in parallel defines the “voltage” of your battery. So if you wanted a battery voltage of 4V you would set the power supply voltage to 4V. The power supply would be supplying 4A in this case into the parallel resistor.

Now as your DUT comes on line and charges with 3A the voltage of the resistor power supply combo doesn’t move it is still 4V but now only 1A comes from the power supply and 3A comes from your charger.

You basically need a test load that can both sink and source current at a defined voltage.

By know I would bet somebody like Chroma offers a battery emulating test load.