Capacitors for MP8860

Hello. My name is daniel.
I would like to use the MP8860 switching regulator for a project and now I have space problems.
According to the data sheet, a 100nF, a 22µF ceramic capacitor and a 100µF electrolytic capacitor are provided as input capacitors, and a 100nF and 5 22µF ceramic capacitors as output.
My input voltage range is between 4 and 12V, the output voltage should be adjustable between 2,5 and 12V, with a maximum current of 250-500mA.
My plan is to use a 100nF, a 22µF ceramic and a 68µF tantalum capacitor on input and a 100nF and 4 22µF ceramic capacitors as output.
Can I also make all input capacitors ceramic?
Is that possible?
Thank you

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Hi Daniel,

You are fine to use the 68uF tantalum input capacitor and the 100nF, 4x22uF ceramic capacitors on the output.
For an all ceramic solution, I would recommend Cin = 4x22uF, 0.1uF and Cout = 4x22uF, 0.1uF