Buck boost output above 30V

For A project I am working on I need a buck boost converter controlled over I2C or SPI with input voltage of 24V and output range between 2 and 30V.
Ideally the output should be between 0 and 60V.

All buck boost I can find is the max output 22V.


Hi, welcome to the forum.

The closest I could find was the MP4245, but as you stated the output is rated for USB-C PD, so it only goes just above 20V.

Do you have an AC source available? Might make it possible to have a 2 stage approach to get closer to what you need.

What is the current/power needed from your output?

I only need about 500mA, but have only a 24V DC source at the location.
It is used to charge a capacitor bankt which in turn will send a short pulse < 1ms of 25A in some LEDs


Can the output voltage range start >24V? Wondering if maybe a strictly boost-centric approach would work or if we really have to support the full 2-30V range.

For optimal use it would be handy to have the total range between 5 en 50V 5-30V will cut out some LED configurations.
Option would be to use a boost converter to boost to 55V and then a I2C configurable buck converter between 5-50V


In that case, consider using something like the MP3910 to step your 24Vin to an intermediate bus voltage and then step that down using something like the DIY8883.