BLDC Motor rotor rotation counter encoder

I am going to use MP6543 with Hall sensor inputs.
I need to count the rotor rotation based on hall inputs.
I have 2 options:

  1. All 3 Hall outputs will be read by the main MCU.
  2. Add some logic stage like AND or XOR then the main MCU will read 1-2 inputs.
    that inform a complete 360-degree rotation.
    I am interested in option 2 let the main MCU easy task.
    any idea how to do that?

Hi @aharon.finkelstein,

I would suggest to use a position sensor to get the position. Kindly look at out Analog Position Sensor catalog which may suit your application. Angular Position Sensors | MPS | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems

Please let us know if you any more questions.

Thank you