Bidirectional pass transistor circuit

Hi Monolithic team,

I need to design a bidirectional pass transistor circuit with preferably FETs, carrying 150A and keeping overall losses well under 5W.

I have to design a rudimentary PCB for the same, MOSFET enabled with a external 3V3 signal.

Kindly suggest some reference part and reference schematic and documents for the same.

They are going to need a few details, what voltage is being switched for instance? You need 100microohm of RDS_on to barely meet your spec. Why 5W of loss? If the rail is 10V you are talking 1500W of load is 1505 or 1510 really taht big a problem?

Hello ,

To drive the external FETs you plan on using to carry 150A, kindly look through our MOSFET Drivers and see if any of them work for what you have in mind. If you have any technical questions about certain parts, we would be happy to answer them!