AC to DC converter

i want to design AC to DC power supply (constant voltage) for LED light applications.
specifications are
Vin- 85-265V AC
Vout- 37V (CV)
load current 600mA

also i want to pass EMI/EMC as per CISPR22 .
so which device most suitable for above specification.?

Hi Tanvir:

Welcome to our community. Please check out our HF500-30 for the primary regulation. For secondary rectification you can use Ultra fast recovery diodes.With CV ACDC power supply how are you planning on regulating Constant current stage for the LED after the 37V CV stage? Will you need power factor correction and low THD? Our recommendation will change if you need PFC. Also I can propose you some CC regulators for the second stage.

thank you for giving guide.
my plan is to drive 6 no’s 36v, 100mA each led module by 37v ac to dc source by adding current control resistor in series with module which take inly 1v drop so power consumption will be also very less/

please correct if my plan is wrong.

Hi Tanvir:

I am sorry I have never used a resistor in series to control the LED current. Please check out our MP24883-A which is a Buck controller for constant current LED type of load if you desire to have constant lumens for application in LED Lighting. In this case, you may want to use a 42-44V Output ACDC power supply as input to this Buck LED regulator. Also 1V drop of the resistor may not be constant as it will changes as the LED forward voltage drop changes.

Hi Tanvir:

Also please check out our MP4026 to design a Constant Current Output Flyback instead of a 37V Constant Voltage Flyback and then using a series resistor to control the current. If you use the MP4026 based Flyback then your current will be controlled by a regulation loop on the primary side and this constant current control will be much more precise than what the resistor with 1V drop will offer you. Also this will increase your overall efficiency. Please consider designing your flyback with the MP4026 as a Constant current Output flyback.

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