About MPM54304 and Virtual Bench Pro 4.0


I’m trying to get access to MPM54304 via Virtual Bench Pro 4.0 (VBP 4). No any success. I see correct device on I2C bus (x68), but neither auto-scan no manual mode doesn’t help. When I run manual mode I don’t see any device in the list.

Virtual Bench Pro 3.0 (VBP3) works in manual mode, but not in auto-scan. Workaround is to “Add one device” - change I2C adress to 0x68

At product page there is a link to VBP 4.0

Does Virtual Bench Pro 4.0 supports MPM54304?

Hi v.yunitzki,

Everything should be moving to Virtual Bench Pro 4.0, but it is possible the MPM54304 is not there yet. You may need to use VBP3.0 in the meantime, but the MPM54304 should be added to VBP4.0 shortly. I will look to see on my end if it supported yet as well.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
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