About control logic of mp6540h – 50v, 5a, three-phase motor driver

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On page 10 of datasheet of the MP6540H, it is noted as
VIN = 24V, VREF = 5V, phase A switching with 20kHz frequency, phase B LS on, phase C disabled, current-sense resistor divider = 5kΩ, resistor and inductor load: R = 5Ω, L = 1mH/phase with star connection, TA = 25°C” under “Typical Performance Characteristics” and the graphics are given accordingly.

As far as I understand from here, PWM and ENx pins are there to be driven with the six-step commutation method. In other words, the ENx pin of the unrelated phase is to be disabled while in any step, as Phase C in note.

In addition to this, on the page 13 of the datasheet, Input Logic described as
The MP6540H has three logic input pins (ENA,ENB, and ENC) that enable corresponding outputs (SA, SB, and SC). When ENx is low, the corresponding output is disabled (output is at high impedance), and the PWM input on that phase is ignored. When ENx is high, the output is enabled, and the PWM input controls the state of the output” which makes me think that if all ENx pins are pulled high motor could be driven with SinusoidalPWM method which gives balanced three phase when filtered, since the state of the output is only dependent on PWM inputs.

What I want to ask here is whether it is possible to drive the motor using only the PWM pins with the SPWM method, with all the EN pins being pulled to the high state at the same time.

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Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I’ll look into operating the MP6540H using a sinusoidal PWM method and update you soon.

Hi farpac,

I have received confirmation from our product line that you should not have any issues running the MP6540H using SPWM and keeping the EN pins high.

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Thank you for your answer, I think this topic can be flagged as solved.