12V input,0.8V 30A-40A or 80A output DCDC sloution

in our sysytem we need a DCDC power sloution which can output 0.8V(80A) with 90+% efficiency, is there any device or sloutin can do this?


Hi Marco,

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You might consider something like the MPQ8645P used in a 3 phase mode of operation. Here’s a link to the product page: https://www.monolithicpower.com/en/mpq8645p.html

Hi Kareem,

Thanks,seems like its the only way for 0.8V(80A) 90+% efficiency .

Hi Kareem,
Just curious, MPQ8645P you recommend is a POL solution(integrated switch buck).
Doesn’t MPS recommend(or have) a controller + DrMOS solution for this kind of low voltage, high current application?

Hi dickzsh26,

Using the MPQ8645P, since it self-phases, will simplify the BOM and design process.

We do also make controllers and DrMOS solutions, but since many controllers are intended for specific compute platforms and specifications they would likely be overkill for this application.

Get it, thanks!
I understand that most of controller+ DrMOS solitons are intender for specific applications like notebook/sever CPU VR, GPU VR, etc. However, do you have any solutions intended for ordinary processors eg. FPGA/SoC/ASIC which might need <100A current(which means 2 phases to 4 phases are enough) and PMBus interface only?

Depending on the exact Vin/Vo/Io specifications, it’s still likely we’ll have a standalone module or self phasing POL that will encompass the requirements while including a PMBUS interface.

For Xilinx FPGA, for example, we have a great list of reference designs that demonstrate this here: