The behavior of MP2615 without battery

Hello MPS,

When the battery fails, the internal PCM of the battery starts to protect and disconnect the battery. What is the correct waveform of VSW and VBATT? What is the time period for battery detection? Thank you.

Hi jasperc,

Thank you for contacting MPS. Typical waveforms for the VSW and VBATT can be seen in the datasheet of the MP2615 starting on page 8. Can you explain what you mean by time period for battery detection for me? Do you mean when a battery is inserted or do you mean when a fault occurs and the time for fault detection?

Brendan Schoemehl
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When MP2615 charges the battery, if PCM detects the battery failure and will automatically disconnects the GND of battery. At this time, we want to know the behavior of VSW and VBATT and notify the MCU that the battery is broken. Thank you.

The battery would stop charging if this is the case, so the CHGOK pin would become open drain in the case of the charge essentially stopping. This is how I would expect the device to behave in this case, thinking that the battery is charged since Ichg would be 0A:


There is also a safety timer, where we can expect the following performance from the safety timer protection:


You can program this safety timer via an external capacitor. I hope this information helps.