NB685A Power Good Leakage Current

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What is the Power Good Leakage Current MAX of NB685A?

I am sure it is very small, why do you ask? If you use say a 1meg pullup does it read some weird voltage when the power is bad?

Hi Jshannon
Because my pull-up resistor is 100 k and the pull-up voltage is 3.3V, but only 3V when PG is HIGH, I tried to disconnect the device and still only 3V. So I want to know Power Good Leakage Current MAX

So that is confusing, drop of .3V on 100k implies a current of 3uA. On the other hand did you disconnect the PG pin and still only see 3V??? That implies that yes there is leakage but no it is not from the PG pin.

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Hi jshannon
I mean the picture below
I measured the EVM of the NB685A is also 3V
NB685A Power Good Leakage Current MAX?

So that pin labeled 3V3 is actually a power input. Have you measured that voltage on the EVM?

HI Jshannon
I have an external 3.3V to give 3V3 PIN (EVM)
But the PG height is still only 3V
General IC Power Good Leakage Current is 1uA(MAX), but NB685A Typ 3uA??? MAX ???

I agree seems high. Plus this is just an average part (likely) what is a worst case part? Maybe your board is dirty? Have you tried cleaning it? For example the OTW pin is specified as worst case leakage 1uA I can’t imagine the PG output is massively different internally to the OTW pin. Have you tried another IC? maybe this one got zapped?

HI jshannon
I measured 5 boards, all of them are 3V and EVM is also 3V,
The board is new, not dirty, EVM is also new, not got zapped

Well sounds to me like you are the world expert in NB685A PG pin leakage. Set the pullup to 10k and forget about it. 3V is still a perfectly OK logic level with 10k you should be at 3.27V.
Or wait for an official response. This a high volume application? Then push on your local rep.

HI jshannon
Yes, pull -up 10k ohm, PG height is very close to 3.3V。
Just want to know ower Good Leakage Current MAX of NB685A?

Well I am just some dude on the internet, maybe somebody at MPS could answer.