Mpq4210 i2c gui

I did tried to search for the MPQ4210 GUI but I see MP88xx I2C GUI, when I downloaded I only see the IC series MP88xx. I do not see any MPQ4210 IC and I even tried using Virtual bench I see MPQ4260, MPQ4272 but I do not see MPQ4210 IC. I do not know how to start the EVQ4210 kit.
Can anyone help me.

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Hi Kranthi,

Which GUI are you using? I believe we have recently updated our GUI to Virtual Bench 4.0, changed from Virtual Bench 3.0. Let me know which version you are using and I will check with my engineers to make sure the MPQ4210 is in the GUI.

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I used Virtual Bench 3.0. I even downloaded GUI for EVA4210. After connecting the board with the I2C kit and to PC using USB cable still the GUI was not detecting the board. Though I had on MPS I2C dongle kit.
Can I use I2C drivers from other companies like EXCAMERA labs to contact the board.
I had a doubt that this board is only communicated with MPS I2C kit or can be communicated with other I2C drivers as well. First I used Advark Totalphase did not worked but my professor now gave me I2C driver from Excamera labs.

I even tried with Virtaul Bench 4.0 still not working.

I will check with my engineers to see when this device will be added to Virtual Bench since I do not see it either. I will update when I have the information for you.

As far as other I2C drivers, MPS does not advertise the use of our I2C kit with other company software so I can’t recommend you download anything from another company. That said, you may be able to communicate to the part based on the existing registers in the datasheet.



I’m told that my engineers are adding the GUI to Virtual Bench 3.0 soon. It will then be added to Virtual Bench 4.0 after. I don’t have an exact timeframe, but I am told to expect it to be added shortly.


I even asked one more question about converter control mode. Can you please look into it

It looks like my coworker Cecilia has responded to you about the thread on converter control mode. Please refer to that thread if you have more questions to ask regarding control mode.


any information regarding this

H Kranthi,

No update yet. Like I said, I don’t have a time frame but I am told to expect the MPQ4210 to be added to the GUI soon. Let’s say Q1 2021, but this is not a guarantee. I am noting that you are using an outdated version of VB 3.0 there, you do not have the full library. When you launch the app, make sure to accept the library download. Again, the MPQ4210 is not added to this library yet, but in the future you will have to update the library when launching the app.


Good information thanks for sharing