MPM54304 MTP Programming

I use MTP54304 kit with virtual Bench Pro 4.0 to make evaluation.
The component works correctly. When I want to program the values ​​in the MTP, I have a message ’ Writing ROM limitation exceeded, failed to write ROM.

There is a field in the software that indicates 0 Remaining write cycle in NVM.
I don’t remember to have the same in the lasted software Version.

Where does this limitation come from?

Hi jean.claude.pauget,

Thanks for your question. I’m looking into this and will get back to you shortly.


Hi jean.claude.pauget,

The MPM54304 features only a two-time, non-volatile programmable memory. How many times did you write to NVM?
Once you use up those two, you cannot write to ROM anymore, hence the ‘ROM limitation’ message. The 2 times NVM limit is stated in the MPM54304 datasheet description (page 1).