MPM3695 Using DigiPot for Voltage setting

My goal is to create a design using MPM3695 or similar IC and achieve programmable output voltage settings over wide range. This requires the resistor divider feedback to be adjusted by a programmable solution. Is it possible to use a DigiPot (digital potentiometer) instead of resistor divider in order to achieve programmable output voltage over the full range of output voltages. If yes how to choose the right digipot (is e.g. frequency response important?)
If not is there another solution how to achieve wide programmable range of output voltages. E.g. different resistor divider configurations switched by mosfets.

A related question is also what is the optimal configuration of capacitors to achieve best performance over wide output voltage range.

Hi mail6, welcome to the forum!

While theoretically you would be able to do something like this using a digipot or an external DAC, I wouldn’t recommend operating a regulator outside of it’s recommended Vout range.