MPM3695-25 do not converge in MPSmart for a 3V3 design

Used MPSmart single-phase design to get 3V3 / 12A out from 12V source.
CFF = 4.7n. External resistor divider 4.5K / 1K. Output capacitance 2 x 47µF / ESR 4 mOhm each.
Every ramp compensation failed, always get the message: “TIME-DOMAIN RUN AFTER POP FAILS TO CONVERGE”.

Q: Is there a good recommendation, which MPM3695-25 parameter settings and which passive dimensioning leads to a good loop compensation and low output ripple? Ripple should not exceed 15 mV p-p.

Higher switching frequency to get a lower ripple is acceptable, e.g. 1 MHz.

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Please reach out to MPS NOW Remote Support - Support. They will be better able to support your project.

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