MP9486A minimum output voltage

Hello everyone!

I would like to use MP9486A in an automotive BMS application and I was wondering what the minimum output voltage would be? I would like to use it with a 3.3V output.

The specs for my application:
VIN range: 45 - 75.6 V
VIN nominal: 66.6 V
Iout(max): 1A
Iout(nominal): 250 mA
Vout: 3.3V

Do you think this would be possible with MP9486A?

Thank you in advance!


Hello Peter,
Yes, you can use MP9486A for this application.
To set Vout=3.3V, you can calculate the value of R1 and R2 as specified in the datasheet. Typically, you can use R1=155k and R2=10k.

Let me know if this works.

Yash Shah