MP6517A/B difference

What is the difference between MP6517A and MP6517B?
MP6517 ( null) has lower operating input voltage and lower current, but I did not find
the difference between MP6517A and B.

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Hi kanji_shibatani,

Thank you for contacting MPS. The MP6517A/B are very similar devices, I will check with my product engineers for the differences as the datasheets for the devices are nearly the same.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
Monolithic Power Systems | MPS Now

Update: I am told that there is no longer a difference for the current versions of the MP6517A and MP6517B. They are the same part as of today.

Dear Brendan-san
Thank you for your answer !

No problem, kanji_shibatani.

I just want to let you know, in the future if you have any other technical questions please don’t be afraid to reach out and email us at where my team of FAEs can help answer anything you need help on.