MP6513 and Latching Relays

Greetings - I’ve put together a prototype board with a single MP6513 simultaneously driving 3 Panasonic ADW1105HLW 12vdc single coil latching relays. The coils are rated at 40mA current (each) with and triggered with the recommended 75ms On/Off drive time. The MP6513 is driven via dual channel opto-isolator paired with NPN transistors controlled via NXP PCAL6524 i2c IO Expander connected to an ESP32 microcontroller. The design is operational but does not currently have any components to deal with “Flyback”, which leads to to my questions:

  1. Am I off-base utilizing the MP6513 in such a manner?
  2. Does the MP6513 device have any provisions to deal with flyback?
  3. If external components are recommended, would a simple face-to-face pair of zener diodes do the trick?
  4. Any other recommendations?


Terry Phillips
Junior hobbyist hack engineer

Hi Terry,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. We will look into your questions and provide an update soon.

Shouldn’t be a problem, the internal FETs in the device have a body diode that will pass the inductive kick/flyback current. That part is designed for inductive loads and that is what you are using it for.