MP2672A standalone mode

Use a resistor to connect the CV pin to AGND in standalone mode. Whether we can set the battery-full voltage with Vbatt_reg=8.2V. What is the range of Rvbatt?

Hi Jasper,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I see that you’re asking for the Rvbatt range (Pg.2 of the datasheet below), but are you also asking if the battery charge voltage (Vbatt_reg) can be set to 8.2V in standalone mode? I will start looking into your question and provide feedback soon.


Hi Jasper,

We have two ways to set the device in standalone mode.

  1. Connect the CV pin to GND via a resistor, which can support 4 options from 8.4V to 8.8V (Table 1)

  2. An alternative way is to connect CV to VCC and enable the I2C interface. If there is no I2C connection, the chip will operate in standalone mode with the default battery charge voltage, Vbatt_reg. The default value can be programmed by OTP after assembly. So you can go with this option, but we need to assign a special code. For more information on this, please contact MPS Now with your application details.

Understand, thank you.