MP24833A maximum output voltage

We have a MP24833A design with 51 volt input, 68 uH inductor and a 200 mA load, and a 100nf boost capacitor

we are unable to get more than 46 volts out. Any ideas how to get closer to 48 volts?


Hello Murray,

The maximum duty cycle is 91%.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Unload it, in DCM the output voltage can go higher. You need to pick another chip.

yeah - the 91% explains it well. Actually - if the minimum is 85% - then this really is the wrong part! 85 to 97 is a huge range.

Hi Murray:

Yes you have to assume some parts in a production lot can have 85% Maximum duty cycle. If you Vin is 51V and Vout is 46V then the MP24833A is not the right part.