mEZDPD3603A I2C Registers returning invalid


We picked up an eval kit of the mEZDPD3603A however after setting it up, virtual bench reads all of the registers as 0. Spying on I2C shows that the usb module is sending/receiving however the chip returns all 0s. It can correctly find the slave address, but that is about it.

Any ideas?

Hi zcharlton,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I’ll start looking into this for you. Can you please provide scope captures, voltage measurements, or any other information/proof of the problem you are seeing? A screen capture to see what the Virtual Bench is showing you would also be helpful please.

Hi Bryan,

Sure thing

Virtual Bench 3.0


Also it wont let me put multiple pics per post… and its throttling me so if we go ham on this, would be nice to unlock that

Hi zcharlton,

I will directly contact you with the solution to your issue. This device will soon be supported in Virtual Bench 4.0 in the next update.