LTSPice model for P/N: MP4575GF-Z

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can you please advise if you have a ready to use LTSpice model for the voltage regulator P/N: MP4575GF-Z ?

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You know that LTSpice is owned by a competitor of MPS right?

Hi adnan.zatarah and jshannon,

While LTSpice is owned by one of our competitors, we actually do offer simulations in LTSpice for a variety of our devices. Unfortunately, the MP4575 is not one of these devices yet. Currently there is no simulation tool for this device outside of our DCDC designer tool and of course our evaluation board for the device.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
Monolithic Power Systems | MPS Now

many thanks for your responses.
Yes I was aware that LTSpice is owned by a competitor, but this does not exclude the availability of models for some products per se, as already confirmed by Brendan.
I’m asking, because of a customer request. But this answered the question already.
Many thanks again Brendan.