How to limit the out current using the MP4575

We need to have the MP4575 limiting the output current to -say- 3A.
Not sure how to use the COMP input.
Could you provide a schematic on this purpose ?

Internet weirdo here. This is a peak current mode controller with a gm amplifier. So the voltage at the Comp pin = peak inductor current and is a pretty good proxy for the output current. So clamping the voltage will result in a kind of current limit. Try two diodes in series comp to ground to clamp the voltage at 1.4V and see what happens. The questions come when “how accurate do you need to be” how much unit to unit variation is allowed? I don’t see anywhere on the datasheet where they specify the Vcomp to I pk relationship. the next level would be to put a current sense amplifer in the circuit to measure the current and tug down on the comp pin in the event that the setpoint was exceeded.