Figuring out IR laser driver IC

I am working on a medical imaging device which utilizes usage of illuminating the area of diagnosis of patients with IR laser diode technique and then capturing the illuminated surface using a monochrome camera for data capturing and image processing.

To power the said laser diode, I am planning to use constant current buck converter
Specs of the IR laser diode

After going through solutions from monolithic power I have finalized the part MP3362 as IR laser diode driver IC. So my question is, will MP3362 be a good fit or is there some other IC which can do a better job than MP3362.

MP3362 will be powered at 5V via USB. And I will also be using the dimming capability of the IC, specifically I want to drive the IR laser diode in Analog dimming mode.

Thank you.

Hi manan.mehta711,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I will look into if the MP3362 can be used for your application.